4 Reasons You’ll Love Indonesia’s Nihiwatu Resort


Indonesia isn’t just home to the luxurious travel destination Bali, but also the world’s best hotel! Nestled on Sumba Island, Nihiwatu Resort overs a scenic overlooking view of the Indian Ocean. Featuring top-notch restaurants, gorgeous spas, and an epic three-villa tree house, it’s not hard to see why Travel + Leisure Magazine readers voted it ‘best hotel in the world’. After you see these photos, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Your Childhood Tree House Just Got An Adult Upgrade

 Nihiwatu Treehouse Villas

Each villa is built on stilts and features living room, bedroom, and outdoor spaces. Plunge pools can also be found at each tree house style abode.


The villas also boast tropical interior design that exudes tranquility.



More Views For Your Money 

The view of Nihi Beach is one you’ll remember forever; but that’s not all you’ll feast your eyes on – the resort offers views from every possible space you can think of. It’s MAGNIFICENT!


beach nihiwatu



Go To Infinity and Beyond

An infinity pool can be found between two of the villas, and another attached to the third (private) villa.



Give Back While You Unwind 

Nihiwatu’s founder, Claude Graves and his colleague Sean Downs created the Sumba Foundation in 2001, to provide: wells, medical clinics, food for children and much more. The good news? A portion of Nihiwatu Resort’s profits go directly to this foundation!



Needless to say, the Nihiwatu Resort is “a destination of geographic opulence”, as Nihiwatu Managing Partner, James McBride gushed. This hotel truly shatters the common idea of ‘paradise’ and offers a unique, unparalleled experience.




Source:  http://www.nihiwatu.com

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