Curaçao – A Beautiful Island Rich In History



The largest of the ABC islands, Curaçao, pronounced “KEWR-E-SOW,” is 171 sq. mi. of sheer paradise. Like it’s neighboring islands, Aruba and Bonaire, Curaçao is a Dutch Caribbean island. Home to less than 150,000 residents, from over 55 different cultures; the climate in Curaçao is typically warm  and sunny all year -round!  In fact, through conversation with locals, I learned it hasn’t rained for the last 9 years. Wow!

Although Dutch and Papiamentu are recognized as Curaçao’s official languages, English and Spanish are also taught in schools. This type of education was quite evident, as it seemed everyone spoke multiple languages. Needless to say, it was very easy to communicate with all the Curaçao natives, which made my stay that much more enjochris-findley-x-curacaoyable.
The official tender is the Netherlands Antillean Guilder, also called the Florin. However, US currency is widely accepted throughout the island; which means you can skip waiting in line at the currency exchange booth, so you can spend more time enjoying Curaçao!
Floris Hotel Curacao 2


Floris Suite Hotel

I experienced a hideaway that thoroughly exemplifies simplicity and casual flair! The Floris Suite Hotel & Spa is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ merger of authentic Caribbean culture and modern tastes.
I absolutely love the architecture, as well as the design of the Imperial Suite I stayed in; especially the open bathrooms. The overall aesthetic was very modern and provided a classy feel to the resort. With a beautiful beach just a stone’s throw away, the resort presents the perfect haven to kick back and relax. I would definitely recommend the Floris Suite Hotel for couples, as it also has a really intimate vibe.
I really enjoyed my stay at the Floris Suite Hotel and the staff was so helpful and pleasant – they genuinely treated me like royalty!



Floris Suite Hotel Curacao - nearby beach




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Floris Suite Hotel

Naturally, I took advantage of the good food available at my hotel. I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast that included coffee, pancakes, fresh fruit, and much more!

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Breakfast at the Floris Suite Hotel Suite Curacao



Plasa Bieu

I got the chance to check out the stalls, where locals cook up delicious island fare, ranging from traditional specialities to my personal favorite, the pumpkin pancake. The food was so amazing! It reminded me of my grandmother’s cooking – it was filled with lots of love. I especially liked the fried salmon – it was hands down, the best food on the island; and the staff treated my colleagues and I very well.  I could eat there everyday for lunch if I had the chance! Undeniably, some of the best local food you’ll have on Curaçao –  come hungry!




Friendly Staff at restaurant in Curacao


BLVD at II Fuoco

Fuoco Curacao Terrace



Downtown Willemstad

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Curacao Blue Wall Chris Findley

Touring downtown Willemstad was a great experience, mainly because I got to go see the city from a Curaçao local’s perspective. Some of the world famous “colorful buildings ” were over 300 years old and it was an iconic sight to see firsthand. The temperature was hot but the culture was rich.

When you travel to Curaçao the historical city of Willemstad is a MUST-SEE. With all the bright colors and tropical culture, it’s truly a travelers dream.  Be sure to take walk over the iconic Queen Emma Bridge and Wilhelmina Plaza – they’re both instagram-worthy stops!

Chris findley Curacao

Rum Punch Curacao

Shete Boka, Playa Knip, & Playa Porto Mari

Curaçao  has some of the most beautiful beaches that you could ever see in your life. In fact, the beaches possess over 33 shades of blue in their waters. These beaches are a must when traveling to Curaçao. I was lucky enough to enjoy the trademark cove beaches of the West End and awe-inspiring wildness of Shete Boka. Limestone has been carved by the powerful crashing waves, which made for our countless photo-opps. Playa knip and Playa Porto Mari are also two local beach favorites.

Curacao Walkway


Curaçao Has A Rich History & An Authentic Culture

Curacao Museum Chris Findleylimestone in curacaocuracao-historic-site

I love Curaçao’s rich history. Before traveling to Curaçao, I didn’t know much about the island; but after meeting the people and being engulfed in its culture, I left with its love and history resonating inside of me. From the history of the slave trade to the amazing local foods. Curacao is a place I will come back to with tons of beautiful memories. Through visiting Curacao I now know what it means to see a real Caribbean island. Boasting over 20 private beaches (some hidden to the public), it’s a place that you can go and just…relax.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing more travel experiences with you all soon!




Photography: Corey RouseJonas Arequipa Jr.

Videography : Jonas Arequipa Jr.

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